Donation drive for the un sheltered

Our donation drive helps housed and un housed residents by giving those with too much stuff  a place to release it those who do not have enough.

Over the years we have brought your clothing and financial donations to the encampment communities for, food, tents,toiletries, tiny homes, coats and clothes for people as well as their animal companions.

We would like to continue this drive but need moderate space to receive/sort items for distribution by caravan.

Monetary donations are used to purchase items requested by encampment residents.

Season’s Best sorbet and kombucha

Youth entrepreneurs create jobs by bringing local farm fresh products to food deserts in the city.

These delicious treats also remedy common ailments.

We sampled the different recipes from our Spirit booth, and shared the nutritious health benefits with elementary students !

In order to get our products onto shelves and into tummies We need to rent a kitchen purchase ingredients and pay the youth staff. We  are asking for your support to cover start up costs.

Donate Now

Check out our products and adorable youth entrepreneurs in the video below.