We use art, philanthropy and education to offset local violence , poverty and implicit bias.

We are volunteers that raise awareness and funds donating 100%  to support youth, elderly, homeless, disabled.

We cultivate a healthy community by continuously training volunteers with tools to  pro actively ,conscientiously engage with, and support one another. We do this  through education, events and benefit concerts. Oakland is one of the most diverse cities in the world, it is imperative that the spirit of art activism and equity be taught to newcomers and celebrated.  “You can go fast alone, or far together” -African Proverb

 As a  fiscally sponsored volunteer project, we believe the best solutions come from those most impacted. Join us and create the change you want!

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Oakland is known for its influence on the world in ways that others live, speak,create and govern themselves.We share and celebrate that culture for a more united community.

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